How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Before you start affiliate marketing, you need to know about 3 topics

1. What is niche?

Niche can be easily said in the “industry”. As you can see in the market – clothes shop, food shop, gym, beauty salon etc. You know, the internet also has food websites, dress websites, various beauty products, etc. Now in the food shop, such as “food industry”,
the same “food website” is in “food niche”. “Niche” in offline language and online languages Niche has a range of websites and products in the Internet.

For example –

“Career & Jobs” will be included in the category of jobs and career based websites, products, services. If you want to work with a carrier related product, for example, if oDesk prompts, then your investment is “Career & Jobs”. Note that many people might think – oDesk will be freelancing category / niche at Yes it is true, oDesk is actually “Freelancing / Outsorcing” at the niche, but at the same time also “Career & Jobs”. Looks a little spun? It’s normal to be. Niche has one thing in it – it’s “sub-zero” If the product is oDesk here, it will be done – Career & Jobs> Freelancing / Outsourcing That means the main thing is “Career & Jobs” and the sub-index is “Freelancing / Outsourcing”. There are some more examples such as Food & Cooking> Recipies or Sports> Football Shoes. You’ll go as much as a major niche (sub-index) to start working as fast as you can.

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2. How and where to get good quality commission-based product from your favorite niche, for Promotion:

There are various marketplaces where you’ll find a product that you like, at your favorite niche. If you search on Google, you will get at least 50 great quality affiliate marketplace. But is the best way to start.You can also start at Jvzoo, or LinkShare. Opening the account in the Marketplace, no matter how to start the job. Finding many videos you can find on YouTube. And if you want to start working at ClickSure, you can also do it. But in my opinion, ClickBank is the best one to start. You will find your mind-like product in these marketplaces.

3. How to earn a commission by marketing this product online

This little question is the correct answer I have been learning for 7 years today. Still, I could not learn anything. I’ll tell you very simple language and give some ideas, so that you can learn more about this topic from Google and youtube. You can market the product in 2 ways. One is direct marketing. That is, by sending directly to the sales page of the customer’s product.The second is a sales funnel and customer contact information, informing about their product quality and then sending it to the sales page of the product. I’ll discuss two methods later. But the method that works – you need to know three things that are

1. Traffic Targeting 2 Drive Traffic 3 at Their Product Conversion Technique.

And most of the most successful marketing seals work in marketing through the funnel. And I want you to do sales funnel. But for that you need to know what and how to make a sale funnel, which we will soon discuss.

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